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Stud Beef Victoria 2008 Weekly Times

Cattle Handlers Camp 

8-11 July 2008

This year, the Victorian Region of the Australian Red Poll Cattle Breeders Inc. is pooling it's resources to assist with the Stud Beef Victoria's Cattle Handlers Camp. It will be held on July 8-11, 2008 at the Royal Melbourne Showgrounds. It is open to people aged 8 years of age and over.
The program being arranged should prove interesting and beneficial to all who attend. In the past, up to 70 participants have attended - there are separate groups for different age groups.
For more information contact ARPCBI publicity officer, Nell Staff on (03) 5786 5251, or Allen & Lizette Snaith (03) 5787 1560, or Carol Mazurek, Handlers Camp Administrator (03) 9281 7407.
Further information is also available on the Stud Beef Victoria web site.

Australian Red Poll Cattle Breeders Inc.

6th National Red Poll Youth Cattle Camp - Glen Innes NSW

Glen Innes Showgrounds

10th, 11th, 12th October 2008

Open to people aged 8 years to 25 years who are interested in handling, showing and learning about cattle and the Beef industry.

Catering for novice and experienced handlers, the weekend will cover a range of interesting "hands on" activities, along with relevant cattle industry tutorials.

Experienced cattle breeders and handlers will staff the camp. Parents are welcome to visit the venue at any time during the camp.

Contact: Rachael Hancock (02) 6778 1126, or Tim Light (02) 6775 1129


4th National Red Poll Youth Cattle Camp - Tumbarumba NSW

Laurel Hill Forest Lodge

Thursday 10th to Sunday 13th November 2005


What a weekend, well above expectations, organized it over last 12 months and it ran like clock work.

And it was successful, 20 students from Queensland to Victoria and 20 head of cattle from the Red Phoenix Red Poll stud all eager to learn.

The group was broken up into two the 15 year to 25 year olds looking to obtain a Statement of Attainment in RURAL PRODUCTION STUDIES. This was developed and presented by Mr. Richard Said of TAFE N.S.W Wagga Wagga.

The juniors under the leadership of Kate Goulding from Dunoon started off with the basics of cattle handling.

Friday 11/11/05

The day started at 7.00am with each student being allocated an animal for the weekend and leading of the cattle to water, with others cleaning the bedding and preparing the feed. Then it was time to feed our self's breakfast.

For the senior group it was carry out Workplace OH&S Procedures which included Hazards in the work place, Common Hazards for Cattle, Hazards for people, the responsibilities of employers and employees.

The junior group started off with leading and washing the cattle. For many it was the first time for both the cattle an the handler. In hind sight it was fantastic to see those first few nervous minutes for handler and beast to at the Paraders comp on Sunday, the confidence built between student and animal.

Just before lunch Rauri Carolin from Berry gave an informative description on the history of beef cattle.

The afternoon brought both groups together with Ian Coghlan taking the lead. Ian's talk was the Selection of animals to preparation of animal's for both breeding and showing.

After dinner we all came together to learn Knot tying and halter making lead by Mike Bassula. This was a noise and fun affair with every body having a good laugh at each others mistakes. But we all walked out proudly with a lead rope made.

Saturday 12/11/05

Early started again with the mucking out watering and feeding of the cattle, our confidence must be improving we did it15 minutes quicker today.

The morning session for seniors was again lead by Mr. Richard Said this time the modules were Plan to exhibit livestock and Handle livestock Techniques. This was a real hands on program. This is what we had been waiting for.

For the juniors it was blowing and grooming and for most a first time chance to use clippers.

The pre lunch talk was delivered by our N.S.W. President Mr. Doug Smith

You, Cattle and The Law

A lively session with Doug being quizzed by the interested audience with many questions

The Afternoon saw the senior group split in two with halve going with Annette Walker to learn the finer arts of leading and parading and the other halve going with Albert Hancock for animal husbandry techniques Such as putting a nose ring (a task also accomplished by two of our students Beth Scot and Lorrae Sturgess) and drafting About halve way through the session we swapped over.

Our afternoon talk was presented by Debra Charlton our NSW Framers rep who gave an informative talk on what NSW farmers could do for young farmers in our community, one of which was how they were very close to releasing a package on interest rate relief for first farm buyers.

Our evening session again halter making this time we came out with a completed rope halter.

Sunday 13/11/05

The Big day

The morning session wash prepare the cattle and you're self for a Paraders competition

10.30 am - the first of three parades

Our Judges were Annette Walker for the junior group And Jeff Ryan from Duri nsw judged our senior groups

The juniors parading champion was Chikera Ryan from Inverall And Gabriella Kompos from Wagga Wagga came in a close second

The Intermediate group winner was Beth Scott from Wonthaggi And second was Lorrae Sturgess from Tumut

The senior group was won Victor Clifton from Corowa, with Tom Groat of Griffith a close second.

Two other awards were presented

They were an encouragement award presented to Gabriella Kompos from Wagga Wagga.

And a most improved a ward to Tiffany Turner also from Wagga.

A special thank you to all those who came forward and helped with either their skills and experience with cattle and the preparation before the camp.

These people were Trevor Hill, Annette Walker, Rauri Carolin, Doug Smith, Micheal Smith, Ian Coghlan, Jeff Ryan, Kate Goulding, Albert Hancock, David Talbot, David Whiley, Richard Said, Debra Charlton, Mike& June Bassula.

Well done to all.

Australian Red Poll Cattle Breeders Inc.

2004 Youth Cattle Camp - Glen Innes

Hosted by Queensland Region

Seventeen keen young people arrived at the 2004 Red Poll Youth Camp held at Glen Innes hosted by Queensland Region. Over the course of the weekend, the attendees covered a wide range of topics such as clipping, parading, fat scanning, judging techniques and loads more.

As well as a fun games night which included a "golden oldies" team! The organisers of the Camp hoped that the weekend would give the young people plenty of chances to hands-on learning. All of the participants received a camp shirt designed by Qld Region youth member Rachael Hancock.

Our first afternoon included participants being allocated an animal, which they were responsible, for the weekend. Everyone had some time to get to know their animal, tie them up safely, and lead them. The first of our guest speakers - Pam Wilson came along and gave everyone an insight into dung beetles. We learnt about different types and their habits, and why they make a difference. Everyone received a dung beetle pen and one lucky person won a dung beetle t-shirt in the quiz!

Our second day saw everyone out washing their animals, ready to have a go with blowers and clippers. Another guest speaker Rodger Evans and his wife Naomi, gave a demonstration on clipping, using clipping to best present your animal.

Next Alistair Rayner gave a talk of National Livestock Identification Scheme (NLIS). NLIS tags and rumen boluses were passed around to look at and Alistair spoke on why this system has been brought in and how it works. He also spoke briefly on judging cattle and what terms to use, his main message being to keep terms simple and only use terms that you understand.

Rodger and Naomi then gave a demonstration on fat and eye-muscle scanning. This showed everyone how much human judgment varies.

Colin Rex came along next and gave us a talk on Breedplan, which helped us to understand how and why breedplan is used.

Everyone then broke up into three groups with one group practising their parading skills with Annette Walker, another group having a go at clipping with Colin's help, and the third group learning about packing a show box and halter cleaning with some of the Qld Members. Each group swapped around and had a go at each.

The final day, Sunday, had everyone busily preparing their cattle for Junior Paraders. First up though, Colin gave a talk on animal selection and judging.

Everyone then had a go at judging with four young bulls being paraded out in front of the young Judges. All of the seventeen competitors then had the chance to tell the growing crowd why they placed the animals the way they did.

1st place going to Rachael Hancock

2nd to Catherine McCowen

3rd to Morgan Fahey.

Our Junior Parading judge Annette Walker had her work cut out with 3 classes. Everyone tried very hard presenting and leading their cattle with the placegetters being -

U13 yrs 13 - 15 yrs 16 - 17 yrs
1st Morgan Fahey Lisa Quiney Rachael Hancock
2nd Chad Williamson Bryce Summerell Aaron Looker
3rd Matthew Fahey Luke Whan Brad Flyod


Our three first placegetters then judged a rather large over 30's class! Which drew great interest.

The end of the Parading saw much frantic packing of gear before our final lunch and presentations. During the Presentations, all seventeen young participants received a camp certificate. The Herdsperson Award for general attitude and wiliness to learn and help others went to Bryce Summerell. Two encouragement awards went out, one to Chad Williamson, the other to Tim Light.

We hope that everyone learnt lots and enjoyed the camp, going by the questions on next year's camp, I'm sure they did. Much thanks to our Guest Speakers - Pam Wilson, the Evans', Colin Rex and Annette Walker. Huge thanks also go to our hard working cooks - Dorothy, Priscilla and Ellen Hancock and Jill Bockman.


2003 Youth Cattle Camp

The 2003 Red Poll Cattle Breeders Youth Camp, was held at Heathcote Junction in Victoria.

Click here to see what we did at the 2003 camp.

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