The Helmsman selling system

Auctions don't have to be stressful environments. The Helmsman system combines the best features of an auction system and sale by private treaty.

You have more time to consider lodging your bid. You can place genuine bids on any bull of your choice at any time during the sale period.

You have the opportunity to reassess each lot during the sale period without any pressure to make an instant decision. You take home the bulls that you want, irrespective of the lot order.

If you are considering buying a number of bulls you will have a better chance to average your purchase costs in order to meet your budget.

People say that the "Helmsman" system is buyer friendly because it helps them get better value for money. The simultaneous auction method enables them to switch to the best valued animal at any time during the sale.

How the Helmsman system works:

  1. On arrival intending purchasers need to register at the bid table and receive a buyer number.
  2. All animals are displayed for inspection prior to, and during the sale.
  3. When the sale commences, all animals are on the market simultaneously. You may bid on any animal regardless of lot number, by filling in a bid card and handing it to the receptionist at the bid table, agent, or to a 'runner'.
  4. You may open biding at the reserve price indicated for each animal in the catalogue and contest bids in multiples of no less than $100.
  5. Bids are recorded, with the buyer's number, on a large board adjacent to the animals. You can bit on any number of animals at once, and see at a glance whether your bid still stands or has been over-bid.
  6. There is no pressure to commit yourself to another bid. If your 'first choice' animal goes beyond your limit you can still bid on any other animal in the sale.
  7. The sale will remain open for a minimum of 15 minutes. A bid registered in the last 2 minutes will result in a 2 minute extension of selling time. Any further bids trigger the same process until a full 2 minutes 'no bid' period concludes the sale.
  8. A bid once submitted and recorded cannot be retracted.